InspiredPoe – Contextual Poetry Generator

Ingests and parses text to create ‘poetry’. A project for learning basic NLP and experimenting with nltk. It parses text, tokenizes it based on our needs and then uses some input stanza or meter data to generate new text based on words and concordances from the input text. Punctuation would have been nice.

experimental POS source



My previous employer. Over 3 years there, I had the opportunity to work with some extremely talented individuals to create sales enablement tools. Apart from our core email sending and reply detection technologies, my main area of user-facing feature work was around the Sendbloom Chrome Extension – an extremely powerful workflow management tool our customers spent a lot of time in. It sported a deep integration with Salesforce (for pipeline management), Twilio (for making calls, leaving voicemails, phone number spoofing), LinkedIn Sales Nav (for LI based prospecting), Gmail and Outlook (for quickly tossing people into the right Sendbloom Email Campaign). Honestly, more people should be using chrome extensions the way we did.

Here are release announcements related to some of the work I did there:
Open-Click Feed and Salesforce Integration
Task Manager and LinkedIn Integration
Click to Call and Twilio Integration


Facebook Messenger Quick Switcher

A chrome extension that enables Slack-style conversation switching on
Hit Cmd+k to navigate conversations.



The Laziest Boy

The world’s best Mobile Electric Tour Guiding System.  A retrofitted Lay-Z-Boy chair. With go-kart wheels, electric motors, and its very own Android application.

I worked on this project with three other amazing engineers. I was mostly involved with creating the Android application, programming the microcontroller, testing the printed circuit board, and procuring the resources necessary to build out the product.

source for the Android application